Fashion Preview’s Tonight: Here’s What Designers to Look out For

So, this is a fashion event that we look forward to every season. It’s exciting to congregate and see so many of our friends with whom we share our loved and passion for fashion. While this is our second virtual season, I must say that after studying the line-up of designers, there are a few to keep a close eye on, because as we know, Fashion Preview is all about discovery. So here’s who to watch:

Pascal Labelle




Genia Evelina



Marc Alexandrin

These are not limited to popular opinion, this is my personal list based on previous seasons, in addition, there are designers on this list, whom I know personally. I must however express that I am always very excited to see the full lineup, as usual, I will be sitting very excitedly, with a glass of wine watching for my new “coups de coeur“. Acknowledging that the designers and models work tirelessly to put on this fabulous event, along with the staff and volunteers.

Here is the full lineup for tonight: Pascal Labelle, Gazelles, Guillaum Chaigne, Marigold, Lamarque, MasMontreal, Tristan Réhel, Genia Evelina, Bertrand La Ligne, Velvet Couture, Beurd, Kuwallatee,This Ilk, Guillotine, Marc Alexandrin, Crochet Mamé, J3L Lingerie, Kintsu, Summermemories jewelry and the l’École de mode du Cégep Marie-Victorin.

In closing, while I don’t want to spend too much time on the fashion panel prior to the show, I must make an appeal to my audience to consider the meaning of a “seat at the table”. While we do see a beautiful list of diverse designers, it is hard not to notice a hierarchy of privilege for a seat at the table on the panel. This is in no way the fault of FP, and my goal is not to berate the works of the panelist,  in fact, they paved the way in the fashion tapestry of Montreal, and their work is of stratospheric proportions. We acknowledge them. My post is not about them.

Let’s start to think about the institutions in which we are supporting. Fashion is an institution, institutions have been proven to be systematic in who gets a seat on its boards and decision making. Maybe this will be a great time to consider a future at the table and not just a product of the institutionalized constructs of fashion in Montreal.

Catch the second virtual edition of Fashion Preview here.



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