Elina Ross of Studio Eli Ross talks COVID-19 and the Beauty Business

With the statistics of businesses closing in Montreal, some businesses have been able to weather the COVID-19 storm. In scrolling through Instagram and Facebook, I noticed an Entrepreneur who maintained a steady flow, and seemed to continue with the same business model, before, and during the pandemic. If you are an avid beauty connaisseur, it’s not hard to miss her advice, her humor, and her solidarity with the beauty community: Elina Ross of Studio Eli Ross is a “must” to follow.

I reached out to her, and we discussed COVID-19, her business, and what keeps her going:

Petrona: How has COVID-19 impacted you as a businesswoman?

Elina: COVID-19 has had a very big and very different impact on me then I expect. First of all, it confirmed that you never know what can happen, so make sure to have a financial cushion for a “rainy day”. Most of all it forced me to take a step back and look at what really matters to my progress and well-being.  My connection with people is what drives me, to my colleagues, to my clients, and to my support system that includes my small circle of family and friends.

Petrona: Have you recovered mentally and emotionally from?

Elina: I don’t think we as a people can ever recover from a situation like COVID-19 in my lifetime. It has impacted all of us globally. The economy is in a hole for the next few generations, the health system is in limbo, businesses are closing right left and center and we won’t have any true answers for a while. To answer your question, I did not recover from COVID-19, to recover from a situation it needs to be over. I think the right question is did I adapt?

Yes, I did. Adapting doesn’t mean you don’t complain along the way or suffer the consequences of the situation. Move on and revamp as fast as your mental health will allow you.

Petrona: What advice would you give to another woman who has just started in the beauty industry?

Elina: For a new person in the beauty business, I would advise to keep fixed costs as low as possible. Invest in bettering your skills, be on good terms with people in your field.  ALWAYS appreciate your clients! Develop strong human connections and be professional. We are more than just beauticians for our clients, we listen and have emotional responses all day long. If you don’t close the books when you come home you will burn out, to keep that flame burning it is important to recenter at the end of the day.

Petrona: What is the biggest lesson you have learned as an Entrepreneur?

Elina: Gosh, so many lessons as an entrepreneur… from balancing home and business to employee and client relationships. I think our work is our baby, and in the first years, we take things a bit too personally. I have created mental compartments for everything at work, it allows me to pull things out or put them away with ease.  By owning a business I have learned self-control and self-awareness.  I would say it’s one of my biggest achievements. Let’s just say it has become very difficult to get to me.

Petrona: What keeps Elina going?

Elina: What keeps me going is pretty simple, love. At home, as at work, my life is all about what I love. I love coming to work, I love improving my craft, I absolutely love my coworkers, my clients, and all the good and the bad because it makes me grow double time. I even love the stress of it all. I truly enjoy my work and when I feel stagnant I start another project. Sometimes my projects see lights and other times its just entertainment.


For more information on Studio Eli Ross, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/StudioEliross

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