Discussion on Cosmic Portraits with Photographer Candice Pantin

Scrolling through Instagram, you would have seen cosmic like photography floating around. Some might be accompanied with music, while others are alluring and captivating with certain “cosmic-esque” feel to them.

Conceptualized by Photographer Candice Pantin, who plunged into quarantine and social distancing, by finding ways to connect to the universe, bringing back with her, “Cosmic Portraits”.  In my conversation with Candice Pantin, I learnt that her eyes see beyond this lifetime, in fact, through mediation, she can pierce through the periphery of colors, palettes and auras.

Candice Pantin


Petrona: Tell me Candice, what was your inspiration for Cosmic Portraits? Someone close me kept me on the phone for almost an hour, grilling me about your process, but I kept repeating to him….she can see your aura…

Candice: I often meditate to frequency music and the one that resonates with me the most is called “Manifest Your Greatness 582hz”. The cover image of this song in iTunes has always captivated me –  it’s a silhouette of a head embellished with colourful celestial art –  as it feels reflective of how we are all mystically connected in the Universe as we all derive from the Higher Power.

Once the shock of the reality of novel coronavirus pandemic subsided, I focused my energy and attention on where I can share light to myself and others. Most importantly I wanted to remind myself and others that everything we experience is here to serve our greater good and that our light is called upon as a testimony of our innate divine energy and that we must thrive to raise our collective consciousness to also serve the greater good. Honestly I don’t recall the moment when the idea came to pair existing portraits that I photographed with a cosmic rendering. I believe my Higher Self took over and guided me in exploring new photo editing skills!

Petrona: So tell me, are you please with the emotional response you have received?

Once I created a few and shared them on social media, the response was incredibly heartwarming with people expressing a return to home and a sense of seeing their aura. So I put out a call on social media for others to send me existing portraits of themselves for me to render them into Cosmic Art. I never had a set plan, I was aligned with my intuition and Purpose to be whole and share light from within throughout.


Selective Pieces from “Cosmic Portraits”


*Disclaimer: I am very close to the photographer, and was also photographed by her. I was inspired by her, and thus felt led to my calling, by writing an article on her.

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