CHMPGN+Cie Celebrates Valerie Chiasson as Monteal get ready for Grand Prix 2016

The celebration continues for Valerie Chiasson as Montrealers prepare to attend the Grand Prix this weekend, June 9th to 12th.


Last Saturday, Valerie was the honourary guest at Dix30’s CHMPGN+Cie, where she graced fans with photos and an autograph session.

CHMPGN+Cie also had the woman GT3 Coupe race sabre a bottle of Mo√ęt et Chandon, her first experience.





With only one day away for the opening ceremony of the Montreal Grand Prix, let’s continue to celebrate Valerie Chiasson on breaking through the barriers and making it possible for others to now follow in her footsteps.

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Photo Credit: Yousurf Prod.

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