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“Candace Daniela was in the headlines of Toronto Fashion Week! Our Fashion correspondent Rashi Bindra of PearlsnSequence had the chance to chat with Candace, and her experience at Toronto Fashion Week”

PS: Why outwear ?

CD: I love outerwear because it really gives you that first impression when you walk into a restaurant, or meet someone new on the streets. You can tell a lot about someone by the coat they choose to wear. I also love structure and strong silhouettes that give an appearance of confidence and boldness.

PS: How does it feel presenting at TFW?

CD: It has been a pleasure and honor presenting at TFW. I am so blessed to be given so many great opportunities this year. Showcasing and TOM* and TFW in the past 2 months has really been a dream come true.

PS: When did you decide you wanted to be a designer?

CD: I’ve always wanted to a fashion designer since I was around 10-11 but I was brought up to choose a more “stable” or “lower-risk” career (well what an older generation may believe it to be). I went to school for Economics but my dream of becoming a fashion designer never died. I found other ways to learn about fashion and garment construction on the side and I’ve taken as many opportunities as I could to make this dream come true.

PS: Who inspires you?

CD: My grandfather – he owned a Leather factory before he moved to Canada and he designed beautiful leather coats. I never had the chance to really know him too well personally but through family stories and his pieces, he really inspired me to design, create and work hard towards my dreams.

PS: What are your next steps?

CD: I am hoping the Candace Daniela brand will reach International buyers and media outlets in he next 2-3 years. Currently I have already started working on my SS2017 looks and I am so excited to show everyone! Hopefully I do not spill my ideas and concepts – I am so bad with surprises.

PS: What sets you apart from other outwear designers?

CD: I try not to look at other designers designs too much because I don’t want to feel like we are competing or comparing. My designs really reflect my current mood and aesthetics. I love to keep silhouettes classic but add a bit of edge in the details at the same time.

Candace Daniela Cover

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