Montreal Bosses come together in solidarity to celebrate the Bossing Up Awards on zoom

As we get used to our new normal of living in quarantine and social distancing, there are leaders who refuse to let their communities suffer. Albeit, online communities have risen up with incredible power, and their members coming together to uplift each other in spectacular ways.

One community that comes to mind is the Bossing Up Community, founded by Samantha Kris. Kris who has been motivating her online community for years before COVID-19 hit the streets of Montreal, brought an ingenious award show to her community by ways of zoom.

Attendees were voters in the weeks prior to the online award show, nominating, then voting for their peers in different categories ranging from ‘Outstanding Content” to the ultimate award of “Boss of the Year’. Greeted by a virtual online carpet, the event was as remarkable as it can get, through zoom.

While everyone cheered for one another, the finalists in each category took home a virtual award, created and sponsored by Protocole – Trophées d’exception, the same award maker as the Grand Prix of Canada awards.

List of Participants and Winners:

Exemplary Leadership:
Pamela Bakalian
Lennie Moreno
Sarena Miller 🏆

Outstanding Content:
Lisa Cipriani
Prince Kerr
Diana Eskander 🏆

The Philanthropist:
Stephanie Erickson
Paul Simard
Emma Love 🏆

The Game-Changer:
Hugo Prince
Sukhdev Benning
Melanie Jade Boulerice 🏆

Community Builder:
Paula M. Toledo
Jamie Benizri
Patrick Balyan 🏆

Human Wikipedia:
Alex Thoric
Marc Perez
Christine Bieri 🏆

Mr./Ms. Congeniality:
Chrissanthi Nastopoulos
Jennifer Selinger
Steve Daniel 🏆

Creative Genius:
Arantza Izurrategui
Lise Bousquet
Stefano Di Lollo 🏆

The Engagement Champion:
Lin Lee
Diane Hillier
Petrona Joseph 🏆

Svetlana Chernienko
Elie Hawawini 🏆









Award created and sponsored by Protocole – Trophées d’exception

For more information on the online Bossing Up Community, click here.

*Disclaimer I was one of the Winners of the Bossing Up Awards


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