BMW CANBEC: Montreal’s Winner of Best Dealership Award

In Montreal, the toughest jobs are dealerships jobs. The dealership lifestyle is demanding, cut-throat and humbling.

The life of a dealership employee goes as follows:

“starts early, finishes late, works hard and under appreciated”.

Some dealerships fail in the area of taking care of their employees first; reason for the high turnover rate.

The key to keeping a dealership stable, requires a large effort from Management. It all starts and ends with the attitude of the General Managers, Sales Managers, Assistant Sales Managers & Floor Managers.

Once Management takes responsibility of their role in the dealer’s atmosphere, they will realize that customers will rate your dealership based on what is unseen but felt 90% of the times.

Dealership Customer Experience

From the moment a potential customer walks into a dealership, they decide if they will purchase from them in 0.30 seconds.

Receptionists play a large role in Customer Experience. If the receptionist is unhappy bitter or is unappreciated, the potential or “walkin” or telephone lead will feel it and become defensive. Naturally.

The Sales Consultant is the integral core of making or breaking the sale. Provided that the Sales Consultant takes pride in his or her job, the customer will feel that energy. Most Sales Consultants enjoy the thrill of putting their customer into a new, or pre-owned vehicle, not only for the thrill – but because they pride themselves on concluding the transaction and gaining an acquaintance who will appreciate his/her hard work and tenacity.

The Finance & Insurance Manager, also known as an F&I also plays a role in the dealership customer experience. Dealing with touchy subjects like credit and debt, an F&I could destroy a sale in a milli-second.

But it doesn’t end there!

The Delivery Specialist concludes the transaction by providing a top notch vehicle upon customer pickup. If there is one thing that was missed at delivery, the whole dealership could pay for it.

Then there is the grade. The whole gets graded on all of these components.

Rating a Dealership 

So many dealerships in Montreal get a bad grade and a bad rap because of Management. It takes a strong team to guide a dealer from being mediocre with a million employee changes, to a more steady pace and steady employ-ability.


In the case of BMW Canbec verbally rated as the worst dealer in Montreal (word on the streets) a few year ago, to now receive an award for Customer Satisfaction, something drastically changed in Management.


BMW Canbec located on the West of Jean-Talon, is now the standard for dealership employee retention and customer relations. With star Sales Consultant like Rafeael Perez, who has been with the dealer over 20 years and maintains the title of Master Salesman and Youval Benabou, the M series Master Salesman for the third year in a row, Canbec has reached a level that other dealers will have to now compete with.

 According to Public Relations Manager Ludovic Chacun, the new dealership motto is to experience new Canbec:


The changes made to the dealership experience include:

– New offices for Sale Reps more more lounge oriented
–  Configuration of BMWs
– Customers can see their future cars in 3D on a big screen
– 4 product geniuses to inform clients on the BMW vehicles
– New service organisation (fast service for work less than 80 min, people wait less, a new Customer Relations Manager


With new Managers in place, the dealership continues to maintain exceptional reviews and continual customers support.

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*Disclaimer: Petrona Joseph worked for 2 BMW organizations in Montreal and in no way or means is still affiliated.*

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