Black Inspiration’s: Black Conversations will be an Epic Event


As we conclude Black History Month, this week is conjured with excitement as we countdown to Black Conversations: produced by Black Inspiration, a Montreal based media company that specializes in transmitting positive images of Afro-Centric culture throughout North-America and the world.

The event has attracted some of Montreal’s prominent leaders, who will lead with a panel discussion touching on some of Quebec’s notorious issues facing the Black Community, and yonder.

The event will start at 5:30 pm with an hour long networking cocktail followed by a bevy of highlighted events:

  • Presentations from local Quebec Artists in the Black Community
  • Honoring of Black Heros: Nelson Mandela, MLK and many more
  • The panel discussion lead by leaders in the Montreal Black-Community

Panelists include: Roger A. Muhammad, Montreal representative of the Honorable Louis Farrakhan, Dr. Aoua Bocar Ly-Tall, International Consultant in Human Development, and Montreal Journalist: Dorothy Alexandre.


Knowledge is indeed power. The more you know, the more aware you become – and the more likely you will know which actions will produce a positive result versus a non-nonsensical one. Your actions effect your Community. By striving to understand more of the positives and negatives that affect the Black Community, the more likely your future actions will be more consciously aware.

We strive to move forward as a people, this event will help us understand ourselves and each other more, we will also become more familiar with our local brothers and sisters. Lastly, this event will serve as an example to the younger generation – who will become leaders the next ten to twenty years.



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