Blac Biblio: ABC’s of Canadian Black History Kit kicks off #BHM in Montreal

What an exciting time for Afro-Canadians!

On February 2nd, launched a revolutionary scholastic tool that will simplify and accelerate teaching Canadian Black History in schools. The launch was held at McGill Campus in Montreal with a invitation list as fascinating as the book itself.

Objectives of the ABC’s of Canadian Black History is to: create awareness, integrate curriculum and cross-curricular applications.

“Black Biblio has developed an African-Canadian educational kit with reference resources, database content and multimedia services…that can help schools to integrate African-Canadian history in an effective and creative manner. Our aim is to create a set of tools or learning resources that will assist educators in introducing and familiarizing students with Canadian Black History, cultural events and historical contributions”. Blac Biblio

The editors of the ABC’s of Canadian Black History Kit : 

Dr. Dorothy Williams: President & Founder of – “well-known author of the history of Blacks within Quebec, she has contributed numerous articles, chapters, and web content on Blacks across Canada. She has a Master’s in History and a doctorate in Library and Information Studies”.

Jennifer Santos-Sinclair Youth Animator – ” comes to the project with training in Education and has begun to work with inner-city youth in Montreal. She is dedicated to promoting learning through play at all ages. She was instrumental in developing much of the pedagogical frameworks used in the ABC’s kit.

Linton Garner: Community & Education Developer – “has been working in the non-profit sector for several decades. He has developed expertise on the educational needs of visible minority youth ans has a passion for history and the value of story telling. He has consulted with the provincial school boards on youth retention, community networking and curriculum development. Linton has collaborated on the creation of the ABC’s, playing a key role in both the design and marketing of the kit”.

For more information on how to access the ABC’s of Canadian Black History, please contact:
(514) 919 – 0704

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