The Gift of Rum Cake this Holiday with Bayard Gateaux

Growing up in the Caribbean is synonymous with the Christmas tradition of soaking, and baking rum cake. With holiday drop-ins and family visits, rum cake is the perfect dessert to offer guests, with a cup of coffee and tea. In previous years, I have actually carried a three-pound rum cake to my sister in Alberta, because no one in her area made them.

So, now it’s 2020, the year of quarantine, and with the holidays at a standstill, we are now celebrating in a different way, but I have an idea for you, why not surprise your loved ones, and friends with the gift of a rum cake, delivered right to their door? Yup, Montreal based company Bayard Gateaux makes and delivers rum cake right to your door.

Here’s what the owner has to say:

Petrona: What’s so special about the Bayard Gateaux rum cake?

Frenie: Using only natural ingredients and real rum, Bayard Rum cakes are made with Rum Agricole, contrary to rum made directly with molasses Rum Agricole is made with freshly squeezed sugar cane juice which gives a more fruity or floral note.  They are mostly made in the French-speaking Caribbean islands like Martinique  Haiti and Guadeloupe.

Petrona: Without giving away your secret ingredients, inquiring minds would want to know what’s the overall taste vibes of the rum cake.

Frenie: With a tender crumb, the cake has undertones of vanilla, lime zest, and of course rum. The rum syrup made with butter and sugar rum gives the rum a very moist texture.

So there you have it! All the information you need to know about the perfect Holiday Gift delivered to your loved ones door. Click here to order!

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Tsikimamy Photographie

Julia Garcia Prat

Carla Beauvais

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