Bandit CBD Oil – No THC, Only Bliss

Before you understand my new found obsession with Bandit CBD oil, you must first understand that I suffered from a severe panic attack that changed my life four years ago. I went through a traumatic event, and without seeking professional help, I continued with life as usual, until the trauma literally had no else to go, and revealed itself.

I wouldn’t wish panic disorder on my worst enemy. I sought out a counselor, but by that time, my attacks morphed into PTSD. Having to deal with the bodily discomfort of PTSD, my doctor prescribed 200 mg of Zoloft daily. Zoloft with the occasional Ativan turned me into a zombie. In addition to making me into a zombie, I gained 50 lbs. Yup, 50 lbs.

Four years later, and in a constant battle to lose the excess weight I gained, I decided to quit taking prescription medication once and for all. It was one of the toughest decisions I have had to make, especially dealing with withdraw symptoms for three weeks. I was losing weight but was wracked with anxiety day and night. Going to bed was dreaded with pandemonium thinking of having to wake up with the continuous ache in my stomach caused by anxiety. I resorted to accepting the fact that this was my life, and I had to deal with it.

It was only until a few weeks ago, I came across an Instagram account promoting the benefits of CBD Oil. I mean, at first, it wasn’t an option because of the fear of being “high”. After weeks of asking questions and lots of back and forth with the vendor, I finally decided to try it!

Weeks into taking my CBD oil religiously, I have been able to sleep better, focus more, and feel significantly happier. CDB Oil has changed the chemical distribution of serotonin in my body, which in effect, is the same result that Zoloft produced, without the weight gain and the zombie-like side effect.

Would I recommend it to you? The answer is a big fat YES!

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