Montreal’s Largest Philanthropic Group: ‘Montrealers Helping Montrealers’ Starts Back-to-School Fundraising

Montrealers helping Montrealers is a group that I wrote about earlier this year. I was, and still am fascinated by the group’s organic philanthropic nature, and even as it has grown to 25,000, it is the only group of its’ kind on social media.

While Montrealers are still under the heavyweight of economic stagnancy, times are uncertain for families all across the city.  Food scarcity is at an all-time and with substantial increases in rental properties rates, families are in a very precarious situation going into the new school year.

So why not get together and help each other?

As MHM celebrates its’ one-year anniversary, group founder Leah Lasry announced a back-to-school drive to help parents as they prepare to send their children back to school. So the group came together as a result to contribute. Members have asked for book lists to be supplied, but close to 200 replied to the post. What if more Montrealers came together to help? What if every child can be provided for? I know it’s idealistic, but let’s get together and help as many children as we possibly can.

This also applies to parents wanting assistance, please feel free to reach out, Leah and 25,000 other Montrealers would love to help you!

Join the group here.


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