Atelier Meroë – Montreal’s Newest Line of Luxury Skincare

Atelier Meroë, a new luxury line of skincare, conceptualized in Montreal, is officially available to its patrons. Created by Montrealer’s the skincare line has proven to dimish wrinkles, and improve the skin’s plumpness.

About Atelier Meroë

Atelier Meroë, made from unique ingredients from around the world, offers an introductory line that includes facial oil, beard + facial oil, facial toner, whipped butter, and the most exclusive and popular product among test users, their body buttercream.

Their products feature exotic ingredients such as Brazilian Kokum Butter, Burkinabé Desert Date Oil, Haitian Castor Oil, and Japanese Yuzu Floral Water. They have taken these raw natural goodies that have been traditionally used for eons and fused them with advanced natural derivatives such as Chia Seed Biopolymer and Imperata Cylindrica Extract. These active ingredients help the skin looking its best. Atelier Meroë also commits to reinvesting in the world through profit sharing, first through established charities and eventually through direct work with agricultural coops.

Thoughts on Atelier Meroë 

Having a vanity filled with skincare products, I’ve tried everything from coconut masks to mud cream to enhance the density of my skin. As we know, with age, we lose our collagen, and therefore, our skin loses its firmness. With that said, I have been using Atelier Meroë for the last month, and I have seen a significant improvement in the volume of my face. I use it in combination with my dermaroller, and it has since been a winning combination.


Cover Photo Credit: Atelier Meroë

First text photo: Atelier Meroë

Second text photo: Cid TheKicks

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