Celebrating Montreal Businesses, Entrepreneurs and Influencers: Aiesha Robinson

Aiesha Robinson, Founder of Born to Rise is a woman who champions to empower Montrealers, as she too has had to overcome her own obstacles, namely being bullied while growing up. Tickets to her annual motivational show sell out faster than any other of its’ kind. The energy her guest speakers bring to the stage will touch your heart, empower you, and encourage you. I am a huge fan.

Here’s Aiesha’s story.

Petrona: What is your official title?

Aiesha: President and Founder of Born To Rise Foundation, and Model.

Petrona: What is your greatest passion? Did that fuel you to get started?

Aiesha: My greatest passion is to create change-makers by helping them discover and unleash their inner voice. What fueled me to get started was the realization of how powerful storytelling can be after sharing my own. The more stories we have out there, the more people we can inspire.

Petrona: What is the message you wish to convey to the world? In other words, how do you want to be remembered?

Aiesha: I want to be remembered as a creator of change-makers. The woman who reminded others that they are BORN TO RISE. Someone that helped you take your adversity and turned it into a blessing not only for you but for thousands of others as well through sharing your story.

Petrona: Describe your business, service, or mission.

Aiesha: We are currently in the process of rebranding, but essentially, Born To Rise (BTR) began as a non-profit organization with objectives to feature real people sharing real stories which explore and bring awareness to topics such as vitiligo, self-acceptance, acceptance of others, bullying as well as other relevant issues within the realm of rising above adversities. Through the power of social media, BTR has now developed into a digitally inspiring and engaging platform connecting people through social media while focusing on being recognized on a global scale. The mission is to spread the BTR message within schools, boys and girls clubs, camps, and social media through the sharing of personal stories. Furthermore, we strive to promote an important dialogue to support the empowerment of youth by giving them a platform to share their own stories. With the help of generous contributors, BTR will reach a diverse audience dealing with relatable issues. The goal is to help the masses RISE against all odds and empower themselves by developing a community to support and foster the important dialogue that is created by BTR. We have an annual show which takes place in Montreal. The show is an interactive experience where our audience is invited for an evening filled with inspiration. Featuring real people, sharing real stories, The BTR show brings together artists, and talented guests to inspire.

Petrona: What is your biggest quirk?

Aiesha: Oh man, I’m a HUGE germaphobe. I don’t share food or drinks with anybody (including family and newborns), I bring my own sheets if I am not sleeping in my own bed. I cannot wear the same clothes twice without washing them (unless I was in my own house with them all day). It’s pretty bad. Sometimes it hinders me from living a full life.

Petrona: What has been your biggest challenge in business?

Aiesha: Finding the perfect team to work with and obtaining funding. However, I am proud to announce that I have finally created my “dream team” and look forward to a prosperous future with Born To Rise.

Petrona: What’s next for your business or for you?

Aiesha: What’s next is taking our annual show from in-person to online. That is just the tip of what we have planned, the rest you’ll have to wait and see – I promise it will be worth the wait.

Petrona: What advice would you give to someone reading this?

Aiesha: To whoever reading this, I ask that you trust your journey. You are exactly where you need to be to get to where you want to get. Have faith, keep rising, and put trust in yourself and the most high, whoever or whatever that may be for you. YOU GOT THIS!

Petrona: Your favorite quote.

There are hidden blessings in every struggle




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