Africa Fashion Week Montreal- # AFWMTL June 17th & 18th

Over the weekend I got to chat with the President of Africa Fashion Week Montreal, scheduled to go live in Montreal on June 17th and 18th at the prestigous gallery MX.

 Kama St-Juste, President of #AFWMTL answered the most important questions pertaining to Africa Fashion Week Montreal, and its impact on African Fashion and Montreal’s “petite” Fashion Community.


Here’s what she had to say about #AFWMTL:

Slayedit: Why the concept of Africa Fashion Week?

Kama: Africa fashion week is a well known concept, a worldwide event which was not implemented in Montreal. We decided to create here as well. There are so many designers that we don’t know of,  we just wanted to be a voice for these designers. With our event, we are able to promote them and help them to achieve their goals.

Slayedit: Is the Montreal African diaspora responsive to Africa Fashion Week?

Kama: Yes very well. They are happy to know that there’s an africa fashion week here in Montreal. But I have to specify that AFWMTL is not an african show. People may seem to think that our show is all about promoting african clothes but that is not the case. We took the worldwide title but we made some changes to it. Our goal is to promote African and Caribean designers and other nationalities are also welcomed. We have Caucasian designers embracing African an Caribean textures, why not promote them as well? We are first of all promoting the designer,  then their creations. That’s why you will notice that not all our designers will be showcasing african fabrics.

Slayedit: What is your background? Is Fashion your passion?

Kama: I’m from Congo DRC.  I’m also a stylist. Some may even call me a designer because I create alot of my clothes (my seamstress will sew them because I don’t like sewing and creating patterns) but the ideas come from me. Fashion is my passion, I love and enjoy what I do.


Slayedit: What can we expect at this year’s Fashion Show?

Kama: This year’s fashion show is different. There are no catwalks, it’ll be more intimate, our guests will be able to visit the art gallery and the pop-up shops. By the way, our designers will also have a vending space which will enable our guests to buy their clothes and most of all, enjoy their beautiful designs which will be showcased throughout the whole weekend. We have great designers from Montreal, Ottawa, United states and Paris. Each day will be different. We encourage everyone to attend both days in order to really enjoy everything.

End of interview

Slayedit New York is proud to be the official media of #AFWMTL


For tickets & information:

Contact : Médina Diabagate:

(514) 265-5926


Last years’ edition:

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