Designer Spotlight: HELDER DIEGO #TFW

Recently, Rashi Bindra, our Toronto Fashion Correspondence had the chance to chat with Helder Diego, where he gave her the description of the his the Helder Diego woman.

1) How would you describe your collection?

HD: For FW 2016, HELDER DIEGO drew inspiration from the juxtaposition of the beauty and serenity of Romance and the utilitarian aesthetic of Military uniforms. As always, the HELDER DIEGO woman is Strong, Sleek, Sexy and Sophisticated, bringing the mix of the influences to ahead with confidence.

2) What does presenting at TFW mean to you as a brand?

HD: As a brand presenting at TFW allows us to showcase our brand to a magnitude of people, from media, bloggers, stylist and the list goes on and on. It also allows us to present our true vision of the collection.


3) When did you decide you wanted to be a designer?

H: When I was in University, I was always passionate about fashion just didn’t know my road in life till than.
D: For me it was when I was in High School, and I was able to try design through a student designed fashion show. I really enjoyed the experience and started researching my options for a career in the industry.

4) Who inspires you?

HD: Strong women are our biggest inspiration, from all spectrums. They are the reason we do what we do. Every collection we design we usually have a woman, a muse, in mind.


5) what are your next steps?

HD: Our next step and biggest obstacle is breaking into the US, its hard because you need substantial funding to to trade shows. So up till now we haven’t been able to take that next step.


6) What sets you apart from other designers?

HD: The biggest thing would probably be the fact that we can’t afford to do it full time, so we have other full time jobs in order to finance the business. One could say that unfortunately we can only do it part time, yet we can stand par with designers who do it full time.

Blogged by: Rashi B


Photo Credit:

Yann Yapp

Cover Photo:

Helder Diego

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