Vues d’Afrique: Montreal’s African Film Festival

From April 17th to April 24th, Montrealers got a taste of Africa on screen. The cinematheque quebecoise was the most gracious host for the viewing, and festivities of the 32nd edition of the Vues d’Afrique. Below are the spearheads of the African festival: Gerard Le Chêne and Geraldine Le Chêne:

Gerard La Chene Gerladine La Chene

The opening night was graced by the Tunisian Consulate, where the screening of Les frontières du Ciel by Fares Naanaa got a standing ovation followed by a reception filled with Tunisian food, music and dancing.

Scene: “Les frontieres du ciel” by Fares Naanaa

Canadian painter and producer Martine Chartrand was also honored at the opening night (center):

Martine Chartrand

We were also introduced to the Dramatik and Aissatou Ba, the Spokespersons for the festival.

Dramatik and Aissatou Ba
Spokespersons: Dramatik and Aissatou Ba

Throughout the week, we were spectators of 88 films from 33 countries from Africa to the Caribbean. One of the highlights of the six days was the Thursday night performance by Dramatik, who rocked the house and gave tribute to the late pop star Prince.

VUES D_AFRIQUE - Fabrice & Dramatik-5 VUES D_AFRIQUE - Fabrice & Dramatik-9

The Sunday night closing of Vues d’Afrique culminated with an award ceremony, where the films were judged by a jury panel, and where others got special mentions in categories:



A Portrait of us

Africa Connection

Human Rights

Sustainable Development

For a complete list of the prizes given on April 24th, consult list below:

32nd Edition Winners

 Award 1 Award 2

As the festival closed, we look forward to next year’s 33rd edition & look forward to the extraordinary films, series and documentaries, from our home:



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Lou Scramble

Joachim Raginel

Yanissa GP

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